Udokul son of Kulodu of Clan Hunting Owl

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Udokul is the oldest of four brothers.  The other three are triplets, named Feygin, Alokul, and Dalfur. All three are all handsome, strong and a never ending source of mischief, mostly in finding ways to torment their older brother. They are fond of playing pranks, and find themselves in trouble more often than not, but rarely do these result in more than some embarrassment. Udokul’s parents are Kulodu, and Fenigal. Kulodu, is often referred to as the Bear, or the Bear Warrior, because he slew a rampaging dire bear with naught but a dagger. His back is crisscrossed with scars from the bear’s claws, and he still has the pelt, which he wears over his armor. Despite being very strong, and a model member of the clan, Kulodu is soft spoken, even tempered and known to be wise and fair. Though quite capable of crushing all but the most skilled in combat, it is rare that he loses his temper or even threatens violence against another. He was quite popular with the women of the clan, who named him Gentle Bear, though it was a name they spoke only amongst themselves. As such, many were surprised that he wed Fen the Razor. Fenigal appears, to the casual observer, a pretty raven haired woman, with a dark eyes and kind smile. She is called the Razor however, not for any blade that she carries, but the sharpness of her tongue, and she is quite skilled with the various blades she does carry. Needless to say, the advances of other women ceased once it was clear that Fen had chosen Kulodu. Forceful as his wife was, Kulodu was a rock, and her anger broke upon him like waves on rocks. Any fear that he might become a cuckold vanished, for when he spoke she was respectful, and abided his will. That is not to say that she was submissive, but the two had reached some accord, and there was no doubt that their relationship was founded on solid ground.
Kulodu and Fenigal are both of the clan of the All-Khan with proud histories amongst their forebears. They themselves have proven to be worthy of such ancestry by their own deeds, and the families and clans seek their wisdom when it is time for important decisions to be made. Udokul, as the first son, has the burden of carrying the pride of the family on his shoulders. Like his father, he is strong, and when he reaches his full growth will likely be as large and powerful as Kulodu. In many ways his temperament is similar, but he has inherited some of his mother’s fire, and is prone to make bold statements, or attempt acts that a more conservative man might shy from. Being young, as often as not his words or his actions result in some level of pain, at which his father will generally laugh lightly, “You are young Udokul, but wisdom will come to you in time.” There is one thing upon which his parents both agree, and that is that duty to your family, your clan and the Kallic people come before one’s own desires. This is something that Udokul has embraced, and so when his brothers prank him, most often he will laugh good-naturedly, sometimes to their disappointment. It is rare that they find themselves in a scrap that the three inseparable imps cannot get out of, but the few times it has happened they know that their brother will aid them.

With the arrival of the Bin Kallic, Kulodu and and Fenigal have been busy with the meeting with the clan leaders, like Murtaag. This left Udokul’s brother’s to their own devices. Although pranksters extraordinaire, the triplets recognized the situation for what it was. They tried to dissuade the other youngsters from making the attack on the Bin-Kallic, but their reputations did not aid them in this endeavor. When Udokul found out they had known and did not tell him he was angry, but he had to admit that he was just glad they had not participated. It was the sort of thing he expected of them, but he told them they were wise to not go along. He thought they might mock him as they usually did, but they seemed thankful for his praise.

As the horde has moved south, his brothers chafe at the restraints their parents place upon them. They see themselves a nearly men grown, but they are still too reckless. Udokul has tried to help them by finding chores they can perform. He tried to explain to them that by taking on mundane responsibilities their parents will see that they are maturing and in time may allow them greater freedom. At first they did the chores grudgingly, but by happenstance some of the younger girls were also doing similar work. This spurred them on more than any thoughts of maturity, but Udokul figured that if this motivated them, it was better than many of the alternatives. Still he would check in on them from time to time, hoping that his brothers did not get themselves in other sorts of trouble with their new found friends.

Some of the younger boys had formed a group called the Bravos. Udokul could understand this…they just wished to do something productive, something to show their worth and bravery. It was dangerous however, and he was worried that Daifur in particular would try to join. They were triplets, so it could not be said he was the youngest, unless you count minutes. Of the three, he was the most reckless, and the one who always acted as though he had something to prove. Given that they were all alike not only in looks but in attitude, the youngest seemed to be one to spur the trio toward trouble. One of the girls they had met had a brother who was one of these bravos. A curse hurler or something like that. Udokul figured it was simply a matter of time, but he hoped it would take them some time to work up the courage to join. Perhaps when he had the chance he would discuss it with them.

Udokul son of Kulodu of Clan Hunting Owl

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