Batuo (Kallic Youth)

Batuo is a lean, fit warrior given to moments of dark internal reflection


Batuo was born out of wedlock, his mother dying at child birth as an unwed woman. By chance his mother’s sister was also pregnant at the time and she had lost her child to a rare still birth. Batuo was adopted and raised as the ‘true child’ of the one of the clans fiercest unarmed and close combat warriors. His real mother and her sisters still born child declared dead as a result of childbirth and attributed to each other. Only Batuo and his aunt would know the truth (as far as Batuo knows). Batuo is the oldest amongst his aunts brood and tries desperately to represent his ‘adoptive father’s’ ideals and combat methods, as a means to prove his worth (although to his knowledge his ‘father’ is unaware of his real heritage, nor does Batuo know the identity of his real father, only his dead mother knew that).

As a result of his secret, he is constantly questioning his own self worth, and the truthfulness of others (which is why he believes the elders know more than they reveal, but also why he tries so hard to prove himself as trustworthy and reliable). He has a deep sense of honor, but doesn’t allow that to cloud his judgements in regards to family and friends (personal honor is nothing at the cost of those that you hold dear). As he has matured he is known for not giving up when faced with obstacles or difficulties, instead trying harder to overcome them through hard work and tireless effort.

It is no secret that Batuo shares an unusual relationship with Neiman’Kai, the current clan chief and also a former unarmed martial instructor for many of the clans. Outwardly this is a simple master/student relationship with Neiman’Kai personally instructing Batuo in unarmed combat and discipline, when his chief duties and ‘other activities’ don’t interfere. When alone however, Neiman’Kai becomes more playful towards his young apprentice and often plays tricks on him, usually with some deeper meaning and insight to offer than Batuo readily understands. Batuo’s ‘mother’ does not approve of this time they spend together, but never explains why.

Batuo has a close relationship with his oldest younger brother (Kagya), having protected him from would be bullies as they grew older, Kagya was less interested in a warriors path, but had a natural way with beasts that others often teased him about, something Batuo wouldn’t tolerate from others.

Batuo has 3 younger brothers (his brothers are not aware of Batuo’s true relation) , and only a single younger sister. All of them are very, VERY protective of her, and as she is incredibly beautiful and posses a sharp wit and intellect, they often get into brawls because of her if anyone gets too close and they don’t feel he is worthy (which is pretty much everyone), Ga’el simply laughs at their protective nature, sometimes playfully scolding them as she tends to the wounds they might receive in these brawls. Her skills lie in herbs and she is attempting to learn how to prepare medicines/salves for the clans. The youngest true son is a scrapper, and sometimes brutal in his fighting. His behavior having gotten worse since Batuo slew the giant (seeing it a personal hurdle for himself to eventually overcome). Phondor seemingly reveres Batuo (and his other older brothers) but rebels against any type of authority whenever possible, and some worry that he may have an inner darkness to him.

Matayo, the middle younger brother, is a man of few meaningless words, he has the intelligence of his sister, the determination of Batuo, and the kindness of his brother Kagya. Matayo and Phondor do not get along, in fact Phondor usually goes out of his way to cause him grief. Matayo thinks through all actions carefully before reacting and spends much of his time with elders, simply so that he can study their responses to outside influences. Batuo is trying to emulate the calmness and internal reflection that his brother exhibits.

Batuo (Kallic Youth)

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