Lorku (Kallic Youth)


Lorku is not physically impressive, he is of average build and height. His eyes however are a piercing black and his gaze often makes others uneasy. He always speaks in a very calm manner no matter what the situation is. His face rarely shows any emotion.

Lorku family tree


Lorku was born son of Volundr, Son of Nidar. He is actually the seventh son of a seventh son, his lineage back to The Husk of the Ancients, although nobody but the The Husk knows this and she has not told anyone.

While growing up with 6 older brothers, Lorku was constantly trying to prove himself worthy of their respect. He soon learned that no matter what he did, his place of birth dictated expectations more than anything else. Thrain, his oldest brother and the 1st born was always the favorite and pride of his father. Lorku retreated emotionally and became somewhat introverted as a result. While he is prone to bouts of self reflection, he is smart enough to realize that this introspection is an endless road and he does not dwell on it.

While his father is a very skilled gatherer, Lorku has not developed an affinity for this like his brothers. He grows bored and often finds his thoughts wandering. While he understands the need for what he is doing, he knows there must be more to this life than just surviving. While he would never mention this directly to his family, he is always looking for more ways to gain a deeper understanding of the circle of life. His father once told him “You cannot lie to your soul”. These words have been a huge influence on the path Lorku has taken in life. It is the reason Lorku is choosing to walk a different path than the rest of his family.

His family has no concept of spirituality or a higher power, but Lorku feels there is something beyond the day to day work that the tribe is currently living. It is this belief that allows him to look past typical narrow minded views of the tribe. He believes that the world is not this way by mere chance or random events. All creatures were put here for a reason and as such every creature has it’s own intrinsic value. This strength is also his greatest weakness as he is often too trusting of others. However, once this this trust is broken, it is almost impossible to regain.

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Lorku (Kallic Youth)

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