Prende of the clan of the Red Dove

Sister of Quor, the Bold one


Prende [a sister of Quor]


Tall, slender and lithe, Prende rivals her brother as one of the fastest in the clan. She wears her brown hair tightly braided. Her torso and head are strewn with a collection of tattoos and her hands and wrists are often wrapped in leather for protection. She wears tight leather with gaps at her joints for flexibility.

Prende is adventurous and sees the fantastic side of her life, sometimes embellishing her accounts with exciting untruths. She has a fearlessness that has led her to trouble, but her love of being among her fellow clan people, helping and working with them, has taught her how to work with a team to achieve common goals. She has a competitive attitude when among her brothers.

Though wary of strangers, she becomes curious and eager to talk when some degree of comfort has been reached, typically when among her companions. She enjoys the company of the clan’s animals as well, finding joy in all her interactions.


Quor’s closest sibling in age is his equally tall and lanky sister Prende. They spent much of their young years in a bickering closeness, competing for the attentions and affections of parents and elders. They spent much of their alone-time making up stories of places they would go and imaginative creatures they would encounter. With Bonyrr, the three would spend time racing and inventing obstacle courses for each other to complete.

Prende of the clan of the Red Dove

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