A New Hope


Degana shook his head in amazement. How could people still doubt? The
Kallic had, as he knew that they would, been triumphant. With the
questionable leadership of Loku put aside, the new Kallic offensive
was as great as it should be.

The renewed energies of the Kallic people, the united strength behind
the purity of their mission, has led to this victory. And the great
cleanse that followed will only serve as a clear lesson to our foe
that the Kallic are not to be trifled with!

And while he realized that this was just one battle, of many yet to
come, he also knew that this was the beginning of the superior Kallic
reclaiming their rightful place, as conquerors, here to lead the
heathen races of the world, or to wipe the from the face of the world.

Degana looked to his sister, their eyes locked, he saw the deep
strength inside her, a strength of purpose, of shared purpose. The
look, thou only for a mere moment, solidified Degana, and fortified
his faith as he prepared to talk to the people of his clan…

“Clan Twin Peaks, rejoice! Rejoice, for today we have taken the first
step in avenging our fallen brethren. Rejoice, not only for our
victory today, but for the first step along the long path to
reclaiming our heritage, reclaiming what is rightfully ours, what will
not be taken away again!

Rejoice, for we are the Kallic, and the blood of the Kallic runs pure
through our veins!

Rejoice, for we are united as one, with a purpose that is pure and righteous!

Rejoice, but know that we will have many trials ahead of us…

But still rejoice, for united, as purity of heart, purity of purpose
and purity of the Kallic blood, will prevail!”

A New Hope

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