Into the Bogs!

Hearing the cries for the distance, Degana and Dekana rushed towards the disturbance. As the young helped the younger flee, the pair pushed past them into the bog. Gracefully they sped in the direction of the threat, ready to face whatever new danger faced the Kallic. Towering above the others, Degana saw the cause of the disturbance, and shouting a defiant cry, he readied his club…

“Hold back, Dekana. Protect the young, I will deal with these scum!”

Degana charged forward at the next Thale, while Dekana stood her ground. Seeing an opportunity, she prepared her sling and prepared to aid her twin in his fight. As he closed on the next Thale, she unleashed a stone at the scum’s head. While it missed, the distraction proved sufficient to allow Degana’s great club to connect, smashing into the Thale’s shoulder with a sickening crunch. Dekana allowed herself a slight smile, and then turned her attention back to herding the children to safety.

“Children”, she thought. How odd to think of them like that. It had only been such a short time ago she, too, would have considered herself a child. She reflected briefly how their environment was forcing them to mature much too fast. She worried about the impact this would have on the Kallic civilization.

Then, she returned her attention to the chaos unfolding around her, willing herself to remain calm, she shouted: “To me, children, to me!” Something about the way she said those few words, a sheer force of will was obvious, as was her passion. The children calmed a bit from their panic, and began to rally to her.

Into the Bogs!

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