Kallic Way


The Kallic were once a great empire, they were once great. And they will be great again.

In the time before the Darkness, there was peace and happiness. But then came the Enemy. The Enemy brought down destruction upon the Kallic. The Enemy brought us to our knees, and tried to eradicate the Kallic from the face of this world. But the Enemy failed, the Enemy showed us that we are more powerful than any other force in this or any other world. Even if there were only two of us left, we are still capable of rising from the ashes to rebuild, to become strong once again!

This is the power of the Kallic, this is our race’s defining characteristic: the purity of our blood shall find a way to the light!

The Kallic were once a great empire, they were once great. And they will be great again.
We were once a great empire, yet now we wander the wastelands, struggling day by day. And yet we grow, we prosper! From five survivors, the Progenitors, the Kallic now number in the hundreds of thousands! We grow stronger every day, and we prosper – proof further of the strength of our blood!
We must be on constant guard, not only of the external threats that hound us, not only of the Enemy who may yet rear his head again, we must be on guard against a more dangerous, more insidious threat, the internal threat of dilution of our blood.

The Kallic are powerful due to the strength of our blood. The Enemy attempted to extinguish this blood from the world, and failed. We must not do His work for Him. We must keep our line strong, our people pure.

This is the Kallic Way, the Way to our salvation, the way to our future, the way to reestablish the Kallic might, the New Kallic Empire!

This is our destiny!

Degana and Dekana
Twin Peaks

Kallic Way

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