Plague Within


How can they not see the true danger? They only believe in the external threat – the Thale, the Enemy…
What they fail to see is the real risk to the Kallic comes not from without, but from within. We are a hardy species, nearly perfect in every way. And when we stay true to our blood, we cannot be stopped. I do not just believe this, I know this to be fact. Even our greatest external threat, the Enemy, was not able to fully quell the fire of our blood.

And we know it was close – only five, just five!, of us remained. Yet now we are a horde, now we roam the world, poised on the edge of reclaiming what is rightfully ours. And there may be some obstacles that stand in our path, but they are mere inconveniences when compared to the looming horrors which risk tearing us apart from the inside out!

First there was the Bin. Innocuous enough. Interbreed with them – help save their cursed bloodline. But how many of pure Kallic have fallen down the irreversible road of damnation by contaminating themselves, their blood and their line forever removed from the true Kallic. Lost, forever lost.

And now, a darker threat, Kallic who have willingly turned their backs upon their own, who have begun to commune with the Enemy. Yes, now it may only be a few of the Husk, those most vulnerable to the emanations of the Enemy. But how long before others begin to be lured into this trap? The Husk sees it, this is why She argues strongly for the death of these commune-ists. Their corruption on the very soul of the Kallic people must be forever eradicated.

This may indeed be the time when we have our destiny just within our grasp, just a thin line of mountains separate us from our new hope. Yet, it may also be our darkest time, our greatest challenge.

But we will rise to meet this challenge as we have always done. We will find a way, we will overcome, we will do…no, I will do what is needed. I will take on this mantle, and I will lead us out of this darkness into the light!

Plague Within

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