Player Death

Like every game, it would be boring if there was no consequences for a players action. So we have Player Death! This penalty can vary from game to game, so that the players know, we are having Perma-Death. According to what your people know, folks don’t come back to life. As a GM, I am not stating that it is impossible, but there are no potions of Rez, and no cleric spell either.

But because Fantasy Hero is so lethal, especially at the low levels, there is a freebie that the GM has tossed out there.

While a player has perfect attendance (including stay till the end) their founding character can’t die. When a blow kills the player, they will instead be out for the rest of the fight and will gain a Complication of the GM’s choice. These Complications can be bought of with XP. This is designed help out with the survivability of the early game. The GM should be very strict. Eventually, all players will have lost this bonus.

When a player’s main character receives the Perma-Death, they will have to pick one of their main character’s Followers to be upgraded to their main character. All other Followers will become Contact’s of the new main characters (at no point cost, but at a level the GM finds appropriate).

Player Death

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