Quor family tree

Quor was begat by Tuhar, who was begat by Monhai, who was begat by Senshe, who was begat by Velune, who was begat by Jordhei, who was begat by Lyl, who was begat by Hogle, who was begat by Foren, who was begat by Chall, who was begat by Bewl, who was begat by Falon, who was begat by the All-Mother.

Tuhar [mother of Quor]:
Tuhar is a gentle woman known for her soft smile (which Quor inherited) and fiery demeanor (which he didn’t). She was taught medicinal ways from a young age, having adeptness and a plethora of older matrons willing to teach. Her gentle touch and broad knowledge makes her one of the most valued medicinal sages in her clan, though her lack of patience causes some to prefer other practitioners over her. . She chose to start a family later than her counterparts, having had only twenty-two children in her life. She was long ago encouraged to take on a role of counselor and mentor to the younger healers and harvesters, which she begrudgingly accepted (and of which she still complains to those close to her). Each of her own children have spent time as her pupil and her eldest daughter is the lead medicinal practitioner in the clan currently.

Jealal [a father of Quor]:
Of all of Quor’s fathers he only formed a strong bond with Jealal. A fast runner and wise in the tongue, Jealal was often tasked with both exploration and communication with other parts of the horde. Quor attended some of the these trips when allowed, often excited by the possibility of finding new plant growth or animal life. Jealal was key in learning how to work with the hounds and they usually brought a few on their journeys.

Stoxic [a father of Quor]:
Stoxic was the eldest of Quor’s fathers, a stern, disapproving teacher during the boy’s younger years. Reproaching the boy often for his wild behavior, Stoxic imposed an adherence of the clan law through fear and verbal abuse upon all the younger members that Quor still carries with him. As he grew, Quor could see Stoxic’s own fear – for his people, but also for something else Quor could not understand. Quor, when sitting deep in the darkness around the clan fire, would sometimes see a sadness in the eyes of Stoxic.

Bonyrr [a brother of Quor]
Quor’s closest companion while a boy was Bonyrr, two years younger but slightly bigger. Wrestling, playing games of chase and daring each other to attempt acrobatic feats were how they filled many of their young days. Bonyrr was the stronger of the two but Quor was the quicker and the two found themselves to be competitive and well-matched. Bruises and bloody noises aside, their friendship endured and they often travelled or worked together on clan hunts and gatherings.

Agujhi [a sister of Quor]
Agujhi is five years younger than Quor. Her curious and energetic personality suits Quor and he behaves in a nurturing and protective manner around her. She appreciates his fascination with animal life while Quor admires her romantic idealism. The two are never bored in each others’ company.
Agujhi’s strengths lay in her social ease and embracing demeanor. She empathizes well with all Kallic, even some creatures, and displays a desire to nurture those around her. She can be playful, flirtatious, passionate, argumentative, and foolhardy – though she finds combat with other people difficult to stomach.

Prende [a sister of Quor]
Quor’s closest sibling in age is his equally tall and lanky sister Prende. They spent much of their young years in a bickering closeness, competing for the attentions and affections of parents and elders. They spent much of their alone-time making up stories of places they would go and imaginative creatures they would encounter. With Bonyrr, the three would spend time racing and inventing obstacle courses for each other to complete.

Mykahell, the Fast Bender [a cousin of Quor, deceased]
One of the most talkative of Quor’s clan was Mykahel, a master at basket-making. His adeptness came from long fingers and working constantly in water when possible, allowing for a lighter soak of the reeds. He was also quite a favorite among the women crafters and was never short of companionship, though amazingly he only had two sons. Never comfortable with physical combat, his weapon skills suffered from neglect.
He was killed in the Thale Raid. He had seen 34 cycles.

Boigs [a brother of Quor]
Boigs is the youngest of Tuhar’s children at five years old. He is a rotund, cheerful lad who is a bit clumsy and prone to scrapes and bruises when playing with the other children. He was captured in the Thale Raid.


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Quor family tree

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