Record of the Thale Invasion

While the battle with the Thale raged on, the casualties were already adding up. The dead may be the lucky ones, thou, as several of our clan mates were seen being dragged off in nets byt the cruel Thale slavers.

No one was spared this travesty, and our Clan was no exception to this. Twin Peaks being newly formed could really hope to gain more rather than lose more, but we too had our souls taken. First was Tolien, lost or killed while scouting, and then was poor Wailaki.

Wailaki was small for her age, but was as strong willed as someone ten times her size! And her laugh, she will always be remembered for her laugh. It trilled like a bird’s call, and never failed to cause all who heard it to smile along. She was a bright star, someone who could bring joy to all who were around her. She was well liked, and will be sorely missed.

Her parents, Tuketu and Oneida, will miss her most of all. As will her siblings, Wambleesha, Mohave, Takoda, and Dena.


Degana and Dekana
Twin Peaks

Record of the Thale Invasion

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