Salvation of Children

Degana roared with fury and charged forward to protect the children. “These Thale are monsters” he thought to himself. “By the Progenitors, you will not take any Kallic slaves this day!” he shouted as he continued to move up to interpose himself between the Thale and the defenseless clansmen.

Meanwhile, Dekana noticed a child being pulled into the quicksand near her. She ran to the child’s aide, throwing herself prone in the water at the edge of the bog. Nearby, a hideous Bin-Kallic child flailed in the same bog, almost distracting Dekana from her rescue efforts. “Damn those abysmal creatures” she thought, at about the same moment that she suddenly recognized the Kallic child before her. It was Mika, from her own clan!

“To me, Mika, I will save you, all will be fine” she called in her most reassuring voice as she threw one end of her sling out to Mika. “Dekana?” cried the girl. Picking up on the words, the deformed monster-child managed to latch its claws onto Mika as Dekana pulled her to safety, all the time shouting in its slurred speech, “Dekana, thaff me too, thaff me thaff me…”. It took all Dekana’s will to not clasp her hands over her ears at the horrible noise it generated. And she came close to booting the pitiful creature back into the bog. Of course, putting an end to its pathetic existence may be a blessing to the child, an act of kindness…

Meanwhile, Degana was doing his best to position himself to defend the retreating Kallic clansmen, when he noticed the Thale leader attacking a helpless Kallic. Further infuriated, he charged over to the Thale and attempted to hit him with his great club. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the leader managed to dodge out of his way, when suddenly another Thale came up and took Degana unawares. A mighty blow was struck to Degana’s head, leaving him momentarily senseless. As Degana recovered from the blow, he noticed another warrior he recognized as one of those who had discovered the Bin-Kallic had come to his aide. He prepared for continued battle, with the support of his new comrade.

Salvation of Children

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