Shale's Loss!

It seems that it is a cruel and harsh world that we live in. A place made this way by the Enemy. And it seems the world has also turned against us. With the exception of the hideous Bin people, the other inhabitants of this wasteland seem to only want to make war with us. Perhaps it will be different once we cross the mountains, perhaps not.

These latest, these “Thale” scum, they are the worst. Killing helpless civilians, and taking away others, for torture, enslavement, or perhaps worse! Many have been lost, hopefully not too many. Shale has come to me, my dearest cousin, to tell how his brother, Tolien, was lost. Tolien was always daring, adventurous. But also quite impetuous. He was wandering on the fringe when the horde first began to reach these dreadful swamps. As a scout, his curiosity had generally been and advantage. This day, it was not to be the same.

Heading into the new area, Tolien was one of the first to test the waters, so to speak. Shale had been there, but much further back. Upon entering the swamp, Tolien, ah, light footed Tolien, was easily able to avoid the bogs, and soon was climbing trees to look ahead.

Shale laughed at him sitting in his tree across the bog, commenting how silly he looked perched up there, taunting Tolien about the Heartree experience they had as children. Tolien smiled back, and quickly scampered ahead. He was phenomenally skilled at moving thru all types of terrain, and the bogs and trees were easy for him to navigate.

Shale admired his brother very much, and often wished he had the skills he had. Still, Tolien was no match for Shale in combat. As he thought that, almost if by coincidence, he suddenly heard sounds of battle far ahead. The advance scouts began to return, running….the few that had escaped.

Shale stood at the water’s edge, waiting. No sign of Tolien. Several of his other brothers and cousins and friends began to pull him away, pull him back to hoped for safety. It took all their doing, as Shale would have staid there waiting forever.

Thus Shale relayed his sad tale to Degana and Dekana.

“And what became of Tolien?: inquired Degana, shaking his head in sympathy, and muted anger.

Shale shed tears and shook his spear “I don’t know…captured, killed…no one saw clearly!”

“Come”, said Degana, without a moments hesitation. “Let us seek to rescue him, or failing that, vengeance!”

With that, Deganan and Dekana raced off towards the bogs, racing off ahead. Shale cleared his head and wiped his eyes, and then he joined them…

Shale's Loss!

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