The Thale Aftermath


Victory. The words sounded hollow to Degana, as he contemplated the magnitude of the travesty these events. The horror of the vicious attacks all throughout the horde was just being realized – the numerous lost, killed or captured. It sickened Degana.

Dekana picked up on his mood immediately, and placed her hand gently on his shoulder. She still carried one of the young Kallic children, Toura wasn’t it?, in her other hand. Her touch, and her eyes, helped ground Degana. He knew what would come next. War.

Yes, some would want to charge immediately after the Thale, in a headlong rush. Some would caution avoidance, cowardice. And some might even want to turn back. But Degana knew in the end war was the only option.

Not just to rescue those who could, and certainly not just for punishing vengeance. No, there was a more important reason: safety. The Kallic would never be truly safe if they did not stand up to those like the Thale. If this transgression against the horde goes unpunished, the Thale will find a way to strike again. And again. And word will spread, others will learn of our weakness, and the horde will continue to be subjected to raid after raid.

No. No. A lesson must be taught, here and now. Not a headlong rush, but a well planned, and well executed war on the Thale. They must be brought to their knees, to be shown the might of the Kallic, and to learn to fear us. And to spread that message!

Degana’s eyes were on fire when he raised his head and looked at Dekana. She smiled, not a smile of happiness, but of understanding, for she was of one mind with Degana. The two looked out over the horde, and turned their minds to how best to rally the Kallic to this cause. It would not be easy, and morale would be low, and there will be those dissenting voices. But the cause is strong, and the way is clear!


Degana and Dekana
Twin Peaks

The Thale Aftermath

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