Twin Peaks


Clan TwinPeaks may be young, only recently being formed, but under the combined leadership of Degana and Dekana, it has a bright future ahead.

Dekana is the more level headed, but Degana is clearly the leader, the visionary. It is his vision, shared equally by Dekana, of rebuilding the Empire that unites his clan.

Also, his vision of a purblooded Kallic race reclaiming their birthright drives the clan.

Clan TwinPeaks stands for the True Kallic, reestablishing the glorious Empire of centuries ago, of defending the bloodline from impurities, of raising the Kallic race again, of taking them forward, to their destiny as rulers!

The current Clan Twin Peaks, with Degana as its chief and Dekana as his consul, is extremely purist – pure blooded Kallic only (others need not apply). If you marry to someone not of pureblood (by their definition), you are no longer part of the clan. Of course, currently, they see most Kallic as pure blood, but find those descended from the Husk as a bit odd, and do not accept them into the bloodline (thou they still see them as Kallic). There is a marked preference for those descended directly from the All-Khan, and they definitely view the Bin-Kallic as NOT Kallic. Anyone who marries into the Bin-Kallic are seen as having turned their back on and left the Kallic race (yes, they are a bit racist…).

However, as the All-Khan’s decision was to accept them into the horde, they are accepted (barely). However, they are still viewed more like the canines that accompany the horde, a friendly and possibly loyal resource, but one would certainly not mate with them. They are most definitely not viewed as equals.


Inspired by the full moon over the mountains, Clan Twin Peak’s herald is painted with the pure Kallic Blood of Degana on the hide of black furred dog. It is in the shape of two mountains, with a full moon above.



Clan TwinPeaks (Degana)
Population: 498
Organization Type: Clan
Morale: 9/10
Heritage: 10/10 (Kallic)

Vision: Rebuild the Kallic Empire

Mission: Establish a homeland for the pure Kallic people’s and rebuild the mighty Kallic Empire, as it once was.

Values: Purity, Strength, Collaboration

Purity: purity of purpose as well as purity of blood will lead us to our salvation

Strength: strength of purpose as well as strength of body and mind will lead us to our salvation, and strength will come from purity

Collaboration: only by working together as one pure race will we achieve our ends, our strength will be multiplied as we collaborate.

Note: the clan was founded with relatives and friends of Degana, mainly persuaded to join by Dekana. In general, they share the same vision as he does, which is why they joined his clan.

View of “others” (like Bin):

All non-Kallic are viewed like animals – they can be seen as enemies or as allies, but NEVER as equals. The oddness of the Husk is viewed with some amount of suspicion, but they are still technically Kallic, and so are given a certin amount of leeway. Also, when it comes to “using” someone for value, this is ok. Even the “Bin” are seen as valuble tools that can be used to forward the Kallic agenda.

Degana and Dekana
TwinPeak Clan Members of Note (Followers)

Twin Peaks

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