Udokul Family Tree

Clan Hunting Owl (Udokul)
Murtaag the Stout, Udokul Clan Chief
Population: 654
Organization Type: Clan
Morale: 9/10
Heritage: 10/10 (Kallic)

Familiy Tree:
Deekul: Paternal grandfather
Deekul is a massive individual both physically and in his countenance. He was a fierce warrior, with great pride, and quite outspoken. As a young man he was a bit boastful, and often made bold claims, because with his prowess he could pull them off. It was not until his marriage that he first learned humility. He claimed that he would have many sons, but when his first child was born a girl, he was dismayed. This did not last long, as he was determined, but then his second child was also a girl. Deekul did not veer from his claim but amended it to add that he would also have many daughters. This latter claim proved to be more true than his first, as he had 8 daughters, 6 of which were triplets. With the last pair of triplets he was nearly broken with shame. This is not to say that he did not love his daughters, but they coudl sense his disappointment and teh eldest two seemed to feel its bite the most. They strove to make their father proud, and in truth they were woman of great skill, and fierce like their father, but they were not his son.

Finally, when his eldest daughter had won a race, defeating even some older boys, and came home proud and eager to show her father what she had done, he was dismissive. His wife rebuked him, threatening to cast him from the household, if he did not make amends. At first he was angry with her and blamed her for his shame. Such was her wrath that she smashed a clay pot across his head, leaving him with a scar that he bore to the end of his days. The strike knocked him unconscious, and when he awakened it was his daughters that tended to him. It was then that he realized what a fool he had been, and he begged their forgiveness.

Felik: Maternal Grandfather
Felik, often referred to as Felik the Stern, or behind his back, the Stubborn, is a man of implacable will. As a younger man, his stubbornness led him into many conflicts, as Felik would not back down under any circumstances. Even as he took beating after beating, his will never relented, but his fighting skills improved. He started to win more fights than he lost, but even as his skills continued to grow, he realized that being right, was not always what was most important. This is not to say that he became all that much easier to deal with, but he became less vocal about certain things. Essentially he had learned to pick his battles, and now he generally won those battles. It is said that once Felik made up his mind there was no changing it, and he was willing to put everything on the line for his convictions. As he grew in wisdom, many came to respect him as a man that could be trusted, and more importantly counted on, especially when he had given his word. Even his enemies have a grudging respect for him, and recognize that he does little without careful consideration. When Koludo asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage, he did not exactly say no, but told Koludo that he would not give him an answer for another week, giving Koludo time to consider why he wished marry, and more importantly, why he wished to marry Fenigal, who already had a reputation as an “unreasonable” female. Koludo had never shared the details of that conversation, but often had a grim smile when recollecting it.

Anigal: Maternal Grandmother
Anigal is the archetypal image of the patient and loving woman. It was rare that she would have a harsh word for anyone, and yet, when she looked at you for some misdeed, you were instantly remorseful. Her composure was unflappable, which given who her husband was invaluable. It is perhaps not surprising that her daughter was the extreme opposite, willful, proud, and prone to rage. Anigal’s patience is perhaps only outstripped by her love for all living things. If there is a stray, a runt, or even flower who stalk is bent by a careless step, she would take it upon herself to nurse it to health. Her skills at healing extend beyond the Kallic people including animals and plants. She has great knowledge of the flora and fauna and how they can be repaired and used to heal. As the horde tries to find a land to settle, she has gathered seeds in the hope that the people will be able to create self sustaining farms. Her concern is not only food for her people but also a way to insure that the land is ravaged. She has gathered a few others to cause, but her dream cannot become reality unless the Kallic people can find a home.

Olokul: Paternal Grandmother
Olokul is a woman of great ambition. All things seemed to come easily to her, whether she was working with her hands, or how she spoke with people. Many thought that she was simply gifted, but the truth was that she had an indomitable will. She would set her mind to something and simply not accept failure. In many cases she would spend sleepless night to ensure that when the time came she would prevail. However, she also knew that this mystique about her had value, and so she would maintain her placid facade. Underneath she was often seething with worry, but that was perhaps her greatest gift…she never cracked under under pressure. It took her some time to realize that doing everything was not the course to her ultimate goal. However, these efforts served her, for she understood how a thing was to be done the proper way. She knew that to truly achieve perfection, it was the journey, and the blood sweat and tears that held the true value. As such, she recognized quality, in both things and people, and this enabled her to lead quite effectively. If she had a flaw it was impatience, not that things were not done quickly, but with people who did not apply their efforts accordingly. It required little more than an arched eyebrow to send folks scurrying, for they knew that if the work did not meet her standards, they would be doing it again.

Daifur: One of three triplets, younger brother
Daifur, like his brother is a very energetic youth filled with pride and a penchant for mischief. Recently, he and his brothers have matured somewhat in finding that proactively offering to do some chores has gained the some added respect from their elders. Udokul thought that perhaps his brothers were maturing but then he noticed that several girls were participating in said chores, which explained a bit of their fervor. Daifur was especially taken with one girl, named Kyesha. This in and of itself, was not such a great concern, but recently Udokul found out that her brother had joined a group of youth that called themselves Bravos. Daifur seeing this as both an opportunity to impress the young woman, and to possibly join in a battle, was eager to learn. Udokul took the first opportunity he could to see that Kyesha’s brother was not teaching Daifur foolishness that would only get him killed. He was pleased to see that one of the older men was actually training the youngsters. He smiled as he watched his brother strike the target again and again.

Celina: Cousin Maternal
Celina is a youngest daughter of Udokul’s aunt on his mother’s side. Celina was at the vanguard of the horde, as she is prone to be. She often likes to scout ahead, as she is quite adventurous, and likes to explore for new forms of flora. She is quite fond of colorful flowers as many young girls are, frequently putting them in her hair or arranging them, and wherever possible collecting seeds. She often claims that once the clans find a home that she will have the most beautiful garden with the rarest and most beautiful flowers. Her mother tolerates this, because Celina is quite efficient with her chores, and quick to help others but rightfully so worries bout her ranging, as often she will do so on her own. In this case her worries will be well founded, as Celina was captured by the Thale. As of yet, her family is not aware and if she is lucky Udokul will find the slaver and free her from bondage.

Udokul Family Tree

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