Wedding Bells


Shale of Twin Peaks Journal

While I do understand why Dekana has asked me to travel with Lorku to the Bin enclave, it does not mean I like it. These…creatures…repulse me so. Degana (Degana and Dekana) cautions some measure of tolerance as they have their uses, like a good dog. But unlike a good dog, they do not know their place, and they aspire to more than they should. That we tolerate their existence should be enough for them, but they seek to claim kinship…as if the blood that runs thru their veins has any relation to the true Kallic blood we possess.

Yet they still manage to further insinuate themselves into the clans…first by taking our cast off women, and now this, this travesty of a wedding! I knew Lorku was wrong in the head, but to have actually sold his mother off to be wed to some thing that claims godhood, god of the swine Bin!

At least his father Vorkul, seems to have some amount of sense. Not much thou, as he still deems these swine worthy of spreading his seed among them. These fools may as well sleep with their dogs as with these Bin. Ha. Perhaps I should suggest to Lorku that his canine companions could be elevated to Kallic status if only he would sleep with them. Of course, I dare not make that suggestion, lest he take it for real and suddenly we have Kallic canine marriages being arranged!

At least this time was not a complete waste. Perhaps some further benefit to the Kallic cause can yet be salvaged…

Wedding Bells

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