Agujhi of the clan of the Red Dove

Younger sister of Quor - the Socialite


th9LTTI02K.jpgAgujhi’s most notable physical feature is her thick mane of reddish-brown hair, which she wears loose, held back only by a headdress. Her minimal body modifications include simple tattoos symbolic of the animal world. She prefers the lighter spears and axes when she has to fight.

Agujhi’s curious and energetic personality suits Quor and he behaves in a nurturing and protective manner around her. She appreciates his fascination with animal life while Quor admires her romantic idealism. The two are never bored in each others’ company.
Agujhi’s strengths lay in her social ease and embracing demeanor. A gift with words enhances Agujjih’s stories, and she is a favorite to recount a day’s events around the fire. She empathizes well with all Kallic, even some creatures, and displays a desire to nurture those around her. She can be playful, flirtatious, passionate, argumentative, and foolhardy – though she finds combat with other people difficult to stomach.


Agujhi is five years younger than Quor. She spent much of her youth assisting the elders of her clan, including some of the leadership council. She is a favorite among the aged for her exuberance, youth and story-telling.
Recently she has asked Quor for permission to accompany him, especially in his travels, and assist in matters of diplomacy, naturalism, and clan stability. He gladly assented.

Agujhi of the clan of the Red Dove

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