Bonyrr of the clan of the Red Dove


Bonyrr is a broad, muscular man taller than the average Kallic. His back and shoulders are heavily decorated in tattoo work, and he likes to dress so that they can be viewed by friend and enemy. His dark brown hair and beard are short-cut, his nose flat and his eyes narrow. His legs are often wrapped in leather and furs and he walks with a wide gait.

Bonyrr is known for his grounded, affable demeanor and his abalone shell, a sentimental find from the Big Wet. When not used as a mask in combat, he hangs it around his gut. He prides himself as a talented dancer and singer, though his skill with weapons is probably stronger. He enjoys getting away from the Kallic clans and spends time exploring with others, often including his siblings Quor and Prende. Bonyrr cannot help being loud when speaks, and has to focus not to disturb others at times. His laugh can be especially loud and his snoring is sonorous. He enjoys playing games with the children when around the clan camps and is popular with many of the younger Kallic women.


Quor’s closest companion while a boy was Bonyrr, two years younger but slightly bigger. Wrestling, playing games of chase and daring each other to attempt acrobatic feats were how they filled many of their young days. Bonyrr was the stronger of the two but Quor was the quicker and the two found themselves to be competitive and well-matched. Bruises and bloody noises aside, their friendship endured and they often travelled or worked together on clan hunts and gatherings.
Quor (Kallic Youth)

Bonyrr of the clan of the Red Dove

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