Aldirg of Clan Longstrider


Aldirg has long ratty blonde hair, inconsistently braided in no particular pattern. Bright green eyes sit atop a long, thin nose, which itself is dwarfed by a mouth which is a bit to big for his head. This tends to give him a large, almost comical smile. However, when he is angry it also tends to make him look significantly scarier as it tends to be the most expressive part of his face. He has a runner’s physique, his height gives him a long, loping gait which makes it appear as if he is moving slower than normal.

He approaches other members of the horde with a very open attitude and enjoys a rough humor born of familiarity and shared suffering. Aldirg is very protective of his sisters, almost to the point of possessiveness, which would be strange if the tendency wasn’t mirrored in them. Many members of the horde view his sisters as strange and perhaps even unnatural, especially given their bloodlines.

Aldirg became fascinated with martial studies at a young age, becoming quite adept specifically in his use of the shield. Warriors of the horde most commonly hail from the All-Khan’s clan, but Aldirg has developed a small crew of warriors within the explorer’s clan that he intends to turn into the horde’s vanguard. He has specifically sought out attributes like endurance and understanding of natural lore among those he trains with, believing that the horde’s van must be scouts as well as warriors.

Aldirg has come to view the outside world with suspicion, which as he grows older is developing into open hatred. Outside of the horde the world is twisted and hard, shaped by the touch of the enemy, the secrets of his people stolen by the enemy and shared with its twisted mongrel creations. He believes it is the duty of his people to rebuild themselves and the world and to live free of the enemy’s corruption, both physically and spiritually.

Five years ago, Aldirg spoke with every one of his clan sisters who joined the Bin-Kallic, warning them that they must be vigilant for the enemy’s influence within the BIn-Kallic, to stay true to the ways of their people, and pray that their strength could lift these decrepit and dishonorable people back from the depths. Since that time, he and his sisters have kept in close contact with their kin, keeping a close eye upon their new relatives (Aldirg still has trouble referring to them as family) and watching their children.


Parents – Aldirg’s father, Skittish Grig, traces his lineage back to the empire through the Husk, and it shows, Grig has always been a bit off, like many in his line, but in his youth, was considered very handsome and gregarious. He was always a bit nervous though and for some reason was only comfortable around Elna, whose bluish teeth seemed to make him laugh and relax. His mother, Elna, stained her teeth when she was younger trying to eat a new plant she had found while out exploring for the horde. While the color has faded from the bright blue it was when her teeth were first stained, she still has the light blue stain for which she was named. Elna the Blue Smile traces her lineage to the empire through the explorer and has always carried their wanderlust and passed it on to her children. Grig has begun to show more intense signs of the Husk’s bloodline in recent years, Elna has generally been the one raising the children in the past few years, with Grig really only participating during shorter and shorter periods of lucidity.

Sisters –
Felina – Aldirg’s fraternal sister, she has always been closest to him in terms of personality and behavior. She is very much a tomboy, who spent most of her childhood getting just as scraped and dirty as Aldirg and into just as much trouble. She has dark brown hair with light green eyes. Until recently, Felina and Aldirg were virtually inseparable, but the needs of the horde seem to conspire to split them up more and more as their responsibilities grow.

Tillian and Ezlia – Aldirg’s other two sisters are identical twins, with pale blonde hair and sky blue eyes. They behave as two halves of the same person, often completing each other’s sentences and seemingly aware of the other all the time. Of the four children, they are the ones most touched by their father’s bloodline, as such, they have (perhaps not surprisingly) been the children most able to relate to Grig and indeed seem capable of holding conversations with him during his most severe bouts of dementia, not that anyone can follow the course of their conversations during these episodes.

Many members of the horde view Tillian and Ezlia askance and suspect that they are already succumbing to the madness of their Husk lineage even at this young age. However, they appear completely lucid when talking with Felina and Aldirg. When they attempt to relate the substance of their conversations with their father, it tends to be in the form of nonsensical poems or allegories that even Felina and Aldirg are unable to follow.

Aldirg has an aunt, Lenira, who is his mother’s twin sister, and two cousins, Ilena and Gorth. Their father, Welan, traces his lineage to the empire through the Kennel Master. Welan bred Aldirg’s war mastiff, Keln, and gifted it to him recently for his birthday.

Aldirg also has an aunt on his father’s side, Dorma, and three cousins, Yulo, Indo, and Pel, all boys. Their father, Veld, traces his lineage to the empire through the All-Mother and the All-Khan, lending at least some level of legitimacy to Aldirg‘s family tree. Veld is very fond of Aldirg and his sisters, and hopes to wed some of his boys to Aldirg’s sisters, in what he hopes will be a strengthening of the bloodlines to tone down some of the strong aspects of the Husk already present in the family.

Veld hails from a truly massive family, being the eighth of twelve brothers and fifteen sisters, all of whom have families of their own. His mother and father died several years ago, along with two of his brothers and one of his sisters, during the year of ice when many members of the horde died of exposure and starvation. Veld’s family feels it is beneath him to wed outside the normal family lines, but he believes the horde must break from their stagnant traditions if they are to end the cycle of survival they have fallen into over the years. He believes it is time to bring all the bloodlines together, for better or worse, if they are to find their new homeland.

Elna’s Mother and Father: Fertig the Bark Drinker was a notorious drunk and has been credited with the discovery of no fewer than fifty different plants suitable for the making of fermented alcohol during the diaspora. Fertig’s exploratory groups were always extremely popular as they most often would be gone for weeks at a time and returned with more drink than they left with, despite regulary returning to the horde stumbling drunk. It’s believed that Elna and her sister were conceived during one of these long excursions. Fertig disappeared many years ago, when Elna and Lenira were very young, the joke is that he is still out there drinking with his companions, the belief is that he finally brewed something so toxic that it killed him.

Greldi Long Legs was notable for her ability to run long distances and ran messages the length and breadth of the horde. She was courted by many men of the horde, but eventually settled down and has given birth to four children so far, two to Fertig and another two to Tolo, who traces his lineage to the empire through the Kennel Master. After Fertig disappeared, Greldi married Tolo, and is currently pregnant again. She still runs messages for the horde, often with a pack of dogs and puppies following her as she travels throughout the horde.

Grig’s Mother and Father: Dancing Berzin as he’s known now, went mad during one of his great divination experiments, plumbing the memories of his ancestors. Berzin in his youth was known for combining ancestral trinkets with blood and other bodily fluids from the lines of those people whose families were associated with those trinkets. This created powerful sympathetic energies which allowed him to gaze deeply into the past and maintain the serenity of the ancestor spirits even while exploring intimate aspects of the cataclysm. Sadly, while the ancestor spirits were largely protected from the terror of these divinations, Berzin was not, and during one of these experiments, began dancing a mad jig, wherein his eyes would roll up into his head and he would begin to speak in tongues. To this day, he spends most days simply dancing and singing in gibbering, unintelligible tunes.

Huras the Patient is Berzin’s sister-wife. She took it upon herself at a young age to care for those descendants of the husk who became mentally unstable. As such, she has been significantly more careful about the use of her natural gifts as a member of that bloodline. Unlike many of her relatives, Huras is completely sane and has successfully gathered significant knowledge of the horde’s history simply by speaking with those mentally degenerated relatives for whom she cares.

Ilena, much to Aldirg‘s distress, was one of the of the clan members to join the Bin-Kallic. So far her children have been less twisted than other BIn-Kallic children, if not what Aldirg would consider strong. Her children so far are named Nellid, Otara, Legba, Theni, and Girda. Aldirg’s hatred of the BIn-Kalic has been slightly tempered by the results of the unions, though not much. Rather than adopt an attitude of resigned acceptance, he has taken it as a sign of the strength of the Kallic bloodline that this interbreeding has had such a positive effect on the twisted bodies of the Bin-Kallic.

Ilena’s husband is a Bin-Kallic warrior known as Eghram. He is short, but relatively strong as far as Bin-Kallic go, although he is missing his left hand, has a slight hunchback, has almost no hair on his body and webbed feet. Still, his right hand his strong and he wields a shield strapped securely to his left stump and Aldirg has come to grudgingly admit that he is a functional fighter, if not someone he would want holding the shieldwall to his left. He was also responsible for teaching Aldirg the written word.

Aldirg‘s great-grandmother is the Husk, through a line with the All-Khan, but his family has always been more influenced by the Husk’s blood than that of any others flowing through their veins. Regardless, his loose ties to the All-Khan have had some influence on Aldirg’s family, making them one of the more militant Husk clans in the horde.

Gorth Black Eye is the son of Lenira the Dustwalker and sister to Ilena. Five years ago, when his sister joined with the Bin-Kallic, Gorth developed a bad attitude and a foul tongue. His name comes from his foul mouth, which has insulted many members of the Kallic horde and resulted in him getting into numerous fights, often outnumbered, and garnering him more than a few black eyes. He has been close to Aldirg for the past several years and has joined the inner circle of Clan Longstride, expecting to be part of the vanguard to lead the Kallic people from the diaspora.

Hafni, the bin-Kallic son of Aldirg’s cousin Otira was lost in the battle with the Thale. He was trapped in a bog, abandoned by Dekana, and unable to swim free due to his club-foot. He was a precocious youth with a bright future if he could work through his physical limitations.

Aldirg of Clan Longstrider

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