Indo of Clan Longstrider

Cousin of Aldirg


Indo is a cousin of Aldirg from his Aunt Dorma and Uncle Veld. Indo has been inspired by Aldirg’s fiery speeches and dedication to the improvement of the Kallic people. Indo was always a quiet, curious child, qualities that have served to turn him into a skilled hunter and scout. Ever since the Thale attacks, Indo has spent much of his time studying the enemy, tracking their movements, learning their patterns.

He is heavily involved in setting up networks of weapon and supply caches, as well as setting up markers to direct Kallic troop movements.



Indo is the middle of three brothers. His older brother, Yulo, has become a fine warrior who enjoys the glory and adulation that comes with the role. His younger brother, Pel, is troubled and already shows signs of the Husk’s blood.

Indo has always been the brother that didn’t stand out. He was quiet, spent much of his time alone, and enjoyed his time away from the horde, scouting ahead in new lands. It was in this capacity that he really began to work closely with his cousin Aldirg. In many ways, Aldirg reminded him of Yulo, a warrior, quick to solve problems with a blade. But Aldirg was different, there was purpose to his violence, there was always a goal, and it almost never involved his own glory. Indo has been at odds with himself at times working with Aldirg, for he does not share his cousin’s thirst for purity and genocide. The Bin-Kallic tale is a tragic one that Indo would see improved along with that of the rest of the Horde, often Aldirg would simply see them wiped out, though his stance has softened in recent years.


Indo of Clan Longstrider

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