Quor (Kallic Youth)


Quor was the thirteenth child born to Tuhar, one of the more adept medicinal practitioners in her clan. He grew up learning from her of the fauna and flora of the regions the Kallic people travelled through and depleted. Newly encountered creatures and new terrain were the most exciting events in Quor’s youth, but his fascination of the great wet was unmatched. He would spend hours along the shore, weaving baskets absent-mindedly as he stared out into the vastness of it. He would ask his mother, father or anyone he thought might know about the things that have come from it.

Quor took some years more than the other youth of his clan to settle down his wild ways. He was playful, and no more so than when he was around the young pups of the hound pack. Training of the dogs was a childhood aspiration. He would carry this desire to other animals he captured, and he was often foolhardy in these endeavors, grabbing hold of dangerous serpents or the like with no concern for danger. Those he was not chastised for attempting or bringing back to the clan Quor would attempt to teach tricks, but never to fruition.

One of these incidents involved a spotted lizard Quor hid in rabbit fur and returned to camp. Before he could attempt to teach the animal anything, the thing escaped and laid a venomous bite on another young boy of the Kallic. Although Tuhar was able to extract the poison and save the child from agony and death, the incident was learned of through the nearby Kallic. A small mob formed one noonday and demanded the expulsion of the boy Quor, claiming he was bad luck (or that he had brought bad luck by capturing the tiny reptile). The wiser of the Kallic eventually quelled the mob and officially forgave the child Quor, but to this day Quor is haunted by the memory of the chanting mob, massive and frenzied in the sun.

Quor’s favorite weapon and tool is a spear. A short spear is manageable with a shield and as a walking stick. It is an effective investigative tool and works well to keep animals at bay. Quor enjoyed playing with a pretend spear in his very young years, and was excited to receive his own from Jealal moons ago, a strong madrone length with a granite tip and crane feathers tied near. Not a fancy weapon, he still uses it today for its familiarity in his hands.

One of Quor’s other notable attributes (perhaps stemming from – or fueling – his curiosity) is his inventiveness, exhibited at a handful of moments I his life with inconsistent success. He began using cured and shaped leather pieces for his sling cup at age eleven and the practice has grown to replace dried fiber leaves. He also (with some assistance from Jealal) built the first shoveling tool from the strong fish shells along the Big Wet. He built it with the intent only to tend fires with it, but the food preparers found more use for them and asked Quor for help making smaller versions. He has even seen some Kallic use them to shovel food from a bowl right into their mouths! His most infamous idea never actually saw fruition as it involved capturing wasps to use in a thrown deterrent, though it did cause his skin to swell purple for two days of clan murmuring.

Quor (Kallic Youth)

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