The first peoples’ group that the Kallic Horde encounters are a group who refer to themselves as the “Bin-Kallic”. They seem to dress in a similar fashion to the other Kallic, but physically do not resemble Kallic. They are malformed and misshapen. They allege that they are from Kallic descent, the victims of a savage curse that has weakened their children. They appear to be co-habituating with heavily deformed giants.

Upon meeting with one of their sub-leaders, Brosh flashes Kallic hand signs. When he introduces himself, he will state “I am Brosh, son of Jubbal, son of Krator, son of Niebor, son of Brosh, son of SAMON, son of GANNOR, son of HELLIOT, son of SHEWMA, son of “THE ALL-KHAN.” (All names in capitals, are cite Kallic descent, which was discovered with a successful Kallic Genealogy roll).

Is this a deception or real? Do the laws against kin-slaying apply to these creatures? Some would say yes, other would say no.

Brosh sends an offer back to the horde. Their people are desperate and they need new women from the Kallic. The Bin-Kallic they promise that that these women will be a new form of royalty in their tribe. They believe that by bringing this new royalty into their people, it will break this degenerate curse on them. The Kallic Horde must help the Bin-Kallic in their plight (or so the Bin-Kallic think).

Brosh says that the Bin-Kallic will pay a dowry for these royal marriages. They offer the following:

1: They will offer yearly tribute to the horde in the form of preserved food (enough that it would make difference with regards to where the horde moves next).
2: They offer a stockpile of legacy tools, equipment, and weapons, all of which are metal.
3: They will allow select members of the horde access to their holy sites.
4: They have knowledge of the written word and will instruct teachers in the Kallic horde.

The players are meet with respect when they return with this information. Leadership is torn with the decisions before them. They have been assaulted, which demands vengeance. They are faced with the potential prospect of kin-slaying. Others demand that the Bin-Kallic need to be annihilated and that their existence is an affront to the ancestors. (In game terms, the Kallic naturally perceive racial outsiders as a threat to their precarious survival, but splinter groups of the Kallic horde have always been met with joy and revelry). Being the bearers of this information, the Clan leadership asks the opinion of the players to understand their first hand perspective.

Bin_Kallic_Leader_01.JPGNote: Representatives of the All-Mother declare that when gazing into the eyes of the Bin-Kallic prisoners, the fire of the Kallic is said to be seen burning there. Other clans will vehemently oppose this notion.

During the negotiations, guards of the New Moon, Hunting Owl, and Longstrider who were protecting the delegates managed to enter the Bin-Kallic “Holy of Holies” and each touched a liquified & reflective wall. All of the guards removed their hands upon noticing the bizarre behavior of the wall. Nothing seems to of happened from the encounter with the wall, other then one of the guards mentioning that he felt something touch him back while his fingers were inside the wall.

Upon further talks, the Kallic agree to look for volunteers to become brides to the Bin-Kallic. These volunteers are found. An alliance is formed and the Bin-Kallic are making good on their part. As five years have passed, the births from these brides are far less deformed.



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