Eulogy for the Knower


On a clear morning, the dew still glistening on what little swamp foliage remains, stands, quietly, respectfully, a crowd of several hundred, the assembled entirety of Clan Twin Peaks. In front of them are five wooden pyres, on top of each but one rests a figure, men and women of the clan, who appear to be slumbering. One pyre, the one in the center, is empty. Next to each pyre stands a lone warrior, today armed only with a torch, the five flames cracking almost in unison.

Beyond the pyre is a hastily constructed platform, upon which stand three figures. The twins, Degana and Dekana, stand side by side, hand in hand, at the front, while the thinner figure of Shale of Twin Peaks stands quietly behind.

“My fellow Clansmen, my friends. It saddens me to stand before you today, as the head of Twin Peaks, as your leader. I have failed you, I have failed myself.

Before us lie five pyres, pyres prepared to send our clansmen on their way to the afterlife. Among them is one known to all, the one who recorded for us, who keep our memories and knowledge, who we knew simply as The Knower. She was no warrior, she was not made to fight, that is my place. And it was my place to protect her, and the others. I failed. And they, and she, have paid the price for my failure.

But the Knower will not be forgotten, and others will stand to take her place. For she knew many things, and one thing she knew for a certainty was our Manifest Destiny. We will face many trials and tribulations on our journey, but we shall overcome!

We were faced by the threat of the Thale slavers, they have been beaten into submission, and we will continue to eradicate them for their sins against the Kallic.

We were beset by the horror we call Hydra, a dire beast from hell below, an embodiment of the Enemy, sent to torment us. And while some fell, we overcame.

And now, our path is set, and we can see the way out of these barren wastelands. We are close, my brothers and sisters, we are close.

For more than three hundred years we have wandered these lands, rebuilding our strength, and now we are on the verge of crossing the last barrier between us and the fertile lands beyond the mountains.

So, yes, we shall mourn the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters, we shall mourn the passing of our dear Knower, but in the end, as always, we shall overcome!”

As Degana finishes his speech, Shale silently signals to the waiting warriors, who, as one, set their torches to the pyres, and their flames rise, as does the spirits of the clan Twin Peaks, who also as one, embrace the vision for the future of the Kallic…the future that lies just beyond the peaks…

Eulogy for the Knower

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