Purge (part one)

The night was silent, excepting the soft moans of pain from the wounded warriors. Clan Twin Peaks sat in the darkness, fires had been extinguished to prevent the Thale from gathering too much information
of their location and size. Another reason for the quiet and darkness was the recent loss of face by the clan.

Inside the clan’s leaders tent, Degana, head of Clan Twin Peaks, sat silently, brooding in the corner.

His twin sister, Dekana, and her cousin, Shale exchanged worried glances, while the Knower watched at a respectful distance.

Dekana finally broke the uncomfortable silence. “Degana, we have lost this battle, we have been disgraced, but now is not the time to lose sight…”

“Yes. You are right.” Degana’s voice boomed across the smoke filled tent. He slowly rose from his squat to stand at his impressive full height. Although still quite young, Degana had grown into a muscular
man, whose presence seemed to take up even more space than his already huge physique.

“Yes, I see it clearly now. It is these witches of the Husk, they have weakened us from within. They are a vile, corrupt cancer that must be torn from the body of the Kallic! It was they who destroyed our campaign, it is they who made us break down in our cooperation, it is they who are responsible for this loss!

Yes. They dare worship the Enemy, they commune with Him even now. I see it. These “commune-ists” must be stopped! We cannot let them bring about the defeat of the Kallic. They will try in so many ways – by weakening our minds and by weakening our bodies. But we will stay strong, we will root these race traitors out, and deal with them!

Knower, you must go to the center, to seek out the Husk, to find all you can about these vile cultists! Shale, go with her and protect her.

In the meantime, Dekana, you must see if our own Clan has been infiltrated or not, and also keep a close eye on New Moon, and the Bin. I trust neither.

And finally, I will make plans for war. We must learn to remove the terrain advantage from the Thale. They swing the trees? So shall I!”

Degana’s eyes lit up, with a fire from within, his passion reignited, and like a fire, it quickly spread to those in the tent with him.

They all stood, they all clasped hands, and without another word, each prepared for the task set upon them…


Purge (part one)

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