Tewpatec Tribute


Degana surveyed the construction before him. An ingenious system of logs allowed the large cages to roll smoothly along, making transportation quite simple.

“Excellent work, Taek!” Degana thumped the shorter man on his shoulder, as Taek grinned ear to ear.

“I am quite proud of it! And so many possible applications…why, we could easily transport the horde along interconnected roadways…”

Dekana effortless cut Taek short…

“Yes, it is amazing Taek! You have really outdone yourself this time. However, the real challenge remains ahead of us. We need to safely bring the tribute to the Tewpatec. This is a critical juncture in the Kallic people’s journey. We are close, so close I can feel it…”

“You are correct as always, Dekana.” asserted Degana. “ Clan Twin Peaks and the true Kallic people are on the verge of recovery. And I sense that these Tewpatec people are indeed crucial. I know Aldirg would be happy fighting them, but I hope that we can leverage them to further our cause. The Bin could have been a great ally, but they cling to their preposterous claim of being Kallic. And that is their downfall. They think they can rise above what they are, when all they can do is drag us down if we are not constantly on guard against their impurities. I only hope that we will be vigilante enough.

Shale, and what news of Those That Commune with the Enemy? Are they at all linked to the Bin, as we feared?”

Shale stepped forward “No sign, my lord. But there is something odd about these beasts. I found nothing out, but could see their spell cast over many of our kin. I fear the worst…this unholy matrimony can bear no good! I don’t see why we do not wipe them all out…”

“This is not the will of the Progenitors. We will not speak on this again, Shale. I know how you feel, and I understand it. But we must leverage every resource we have, if we are to overcome the Thale and lead our people to our destiny!” Degana’s voice commanded silence and obedience, and Shale immediately backed down. His heart was still with Degana, and he understood there was more at stake here, more than he cared to contemplate. That is why he choose to let Degana and Dekana consider these issues, and he was happy to be the spear guided by them.

“The negotiations with the Tewpatec must be opened, the sooner the better. We must not be distracted again. And now that we have sufficient tribute, with the help Shale has secured from Volundr , we shall push forward, to our future!”

Degana’s voice was calm, but all could feel the tension, the excitement at what pay ahead for Clan Twin Peaks and the Kallic people!

Tewpatec Tribute

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