Clan Hunting Owl


Clan Hunting Owl (Udokul)
Population: 634
Organization Type: Clan
Morale: 7/10
Heritage: 10/10 (Kallic)

Clan Hunting Owl is unique to the other clans in that the majority of the families draw their lineage to the All Khan. They represent the majority of the leadership caste within the horde. What is unique is about how they have achieved this standing. Many other clans have taken very uncompromising positions with regards to the direction of the horde, or who the Kallic people should interact with. Like the Hunting Owl, our elders have always preached listening, and observation before action. The only thing the clan is immovable on, is that the needs of the clan, or Kallic people is the most important issue. The clan has sometimes been chided for not choosing a side on one issue or another, but in truth many of these issues fell short of the key concern, which is the overall welfare of the people.

As such, the elders of the clan are perceived as patient and wise, and when an action is decided upon, the full force of the clan is brought to bear. Members of the clan respect the hierarchy of leadership. This is not to say that there is never any disagreement, as often there are differing views on what is best. However, once a decision is come to, all realize that a clan united is a fearsome force o be dealt with.

Clan Hunting Owl

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