Clan Longstrider


Stride the world…

Aldirg of Clan Longstrider
Clan Longstrider
Leader: Renlas
Population: 585
Organization Type: Clan
Morale: 9/10
Heritage: 10/10 (Kallic)
Clan Longstrider is composed primarily of Kallic clansfolk who trace their lineage to the Empire through the Husk and the Explorer. There is a smattering of blood from the All-Khan and All-Mother as well as from the Kennel Master, but for the most part the Clan is described by outsiders as weird and aloof. The leaders have formed the clan into smaller specialist groups known as “Spears”. Each Spear is comprised of a selected group, usually with a specialized purpose associated with the clan as a whole acting as the vanguard for the Horde.

Some Spears act as forward scouts for the van, specializing in stealth and reconnaissance, some spears specialize in long distance communication to help coordinate the movement of other spears, others specialize in gathering food and materials to support the van, while still others specialize in transport and are generally responsible for the breeding of the dogs which call the clan home. Naturally Aldirg is part of an infantry spear which specializes in close-in fighting, which is called the Red Spear. The idea is for the clan to be able to scout and plan small scale raids, gathering intelligence and setting up supply caches in preparation for the arrival of the Horde’s main body and fighting force.

Clan Longstrider

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