Clan of the New Moon



Population: 629
Organization Type: Clan
Morale: 9/10
Heritage: 10/10 (Kallic)

Clan of the New Moon comprises the most diverse heritage of any clan. Their members draw their lineage from all the progenitors with none of them being particular dominate. It is this diversity which gives them their eclectic view of tribal politics. Members of this clan sought a refuge from the politics and views of the more rigid and organized clans.

Clan of the New Moon is dedicated to new beginnings. While they understand the importance of the past, they are far more concerned with living the best life they can in the future. They are willing to accept those of any heritage hence their willingness to cross breed with the Bin-Kallic. As such, they have the highest acceptance of the Bin-Kallic and are the clan most willing to work hand in hand with the Bin-Kallic.

Since they have such diversity, they often have a difficult time making important decisions. Where other clans have strong leaders, Clan of the New Moon leaders often spend much longer times debating the proper course of action.

Clan of the New Moon

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