Lorku family tree


Clan of the New Moon

Volundr [father]:

Volundr is a very large and physically imposing man. He is strong even for Kallic standards. He is also a very skilled gatherer and was able to find plenty of food even away from the Big Wet. Because is in such amazing physical condition, he is able to do more work with less rest than most. He is very demanding and holds his family to the same quality and quantity of work ethic. However, he would never ask anybody to do something he is not willing to do himself.

Thrain [oldest brother]:

Being the first born son, Thrain has had to grow up faster than the other sons. From a very young age he was called upon to perform duties that would normally be asked of sons several years older. He is tall, broad shouldered, a chiseled face and is incredibly strong. There is no question he commands the respect of the younger brothers, both through his birth right and his actions. Thrain has passed his father in physical strength and stamina although still has much to learn in the ways of gathering like his father. Volundr spends the most time with Thrain, trying to teach him as much as possible, often times ignoring the younger children. Thrain is not above reminding the younger brothers of this fact in order to toy with their emotions and solidify his own position in the family tree.

Kylla [mother]:

Kylla descends from a family that is well known and respected as healers and herbalists. Her marriage to Volundr was formed out of a mutual respect more than passion. She knew Volundr would be able to provide for their children better than anybody else. Volundr knew she could provide the care his family would require. While she does love her children, she is able to stay emotionally detached from their care, always doing what is best for the family as a whole. Her skills with medicine are often called upon by others in the tribe and she is constantly torn between caring for her own family versus others in the tribe.

Farkarl [grandfather]:

Farkarl, or “The Karl” as his friends and family often refer to him is a warm and generous man. He is known for treating all those around him as if they were part of his own family. He is exceptionally polite, even-tempered and ingratiating. He is involved in all facets of the tribe’s daily work, gathering, cooking and crafting. Few give as much to the clan as The Karl does. He earns his respect from his hard work and his respect for others. Those who are close to him would do anything for him and die to protect him. Not because of any fear but because disappointing The Karl would be worse than death in their eyes.

Rashar [6th brother]:

Rashar is the closest in age to Lorku. As such, they have a common bond in that they have always felt the need to prove themselves to the older brothers. Rashar was happy to see Lorku born because he was no longer the youngest. Rashar took Lorku under his wing and has protected him fiercely. Rashar’s answer to most problems is to fight. However, he lacks strength and skills in combat to back up that mentality, often getting in way over his head. Lorku has not forgotten all that Rashar has done and feels that he owes him greatly.

Lorku family tree

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