Terrain, Terrain, Terrain


“In combat, terrain is the advantage, learn this or die!” The Knower scolded the young warriors again.

For two weeks, she had been helping Degana instruct them in combat among the tree tops. This was where the Thale fought, and this was how the Thale had, time and time again, used surprise and cover to gain advantage on the Kallic. Degana was bound and determined not to let that happen again. He was with the other warriors of Clan Twin Peak swinging from the trees, learning how to use this terrain to beat the Thale.

And, under the tutelage of the Knower, they were going to be able to acheive this goal. Already, the warriors of this elite team, the Tarzanites, were being molded into an effective combat unit, able to take the the trees like the fabled guerillas from the tales of old. Yes, Degana would lead the Tarzanites on to guerilla warfare!

Finally, after ll the training was complete, the call to arms was sounded. Working in close unison with the other clans, the Tarzanites sung thru the trees, ready to inflict harm upon the Thale.

And it was not long before the first combat ensued. Below, a group from Clan Bait the Trap moved forward to attack the Thale. And as expected, the Thale began to send warriors into the trees to ambush the Kallic. But it was the Thale that were ambused that day, as they were caught completely unawares as the Tarzanites descended on them from the trees they had thought their own.

It was glorious, seeing th eshock on their faces and their blood on the tree limbs as Degana led his Tarzanites in use of their own tactic against them!

Victory was assured, and finally, the terrain of the land was on the side of destiny, on the side of the Kallic!

Terrain, Terrain, Terrain

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