Degana was full of hope, hope for a new beginning for the Kallic Empire. Yes, this war would lay the foundation for the greatness to come. It would signal the end of running, of letting the world push the Kallic around. It would show all, the others and the Kallic alike, that they were a force to be reckoned with!

But Degana also knew worries. Dekana had been out among the clans, and she brought him news. News that there were those who lacked faith, doubtlessly their minds had been poisoned by extended contact with the Bin. The weakness of those people was not limited to the external appearance!

Yes, these weak ones talked of going back, of turning the horde around, running like a pup! Degana was no running dog, nor was his people! And others talked of hiding from the Thale, of deserting their comrades! Shame on them, shame on them all!

Degana needed to find a way to inspire the clans, to make them see the light, as Degana saw it so clearly. Fortunately, Dekana had the answer, as always. “Seek out Great Grandfather Nawat . There is reason he is oft called ‘the tongue’! He can help teach you the ways to a man’s heart. He can teach you the talking ways!”


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